Meme Watch: “NBA Forever” Remixes

On the first day of the season, TNT aired the “NBA Forever” commercial, and it was perfect. Since then, a few skilled fans created versions on YouTube showcasing the history of their teams. Are there enough NBA fans with video editing game out there so that every team can get a remix? Note: This is a thinly veiled call-to-action for basketball lovers to make more of these videos immediately.

1. The Original

Featuring Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors’ song “Live Forever” - a song I could listen to 30 times if it meant watching “NBA Forever” commercials for 30 NBA teams.

2. The Golden State Warriors History

Created by YouTube user Kjestrada, and featuring Warrior greats such as Jamaal Wilkes, Wilt Chamberlain, Chris Mullin, Tim Hardaway, and those classic “The City” uniforms. As a franchise, I couldn’t care less about Warriors and watching this gave me chills.

3. The Sacramento Kings History

I care even less about the team history of the Sacramento Kings, but again, a riveting tribute (courtesy of YouTube user MrMan6577). However, no clips of Oscar Robertson? Tiny Archibald?

4. Then Someone Created One For Ohio State Basketball…

Not the NBA, but certainly no less awesome and no less compelling. (Well done, YouTube user tedwardoginn)

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