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    Ex-Louisville Basketball Player Chris Jones Charged With Sexually Assaulting Two Women

    Former University of Louisville guard Chris Jones was charged with raping one woman and sodomizing another. Jones pleads not guilty.

    Ex-Louisville guard Chris Jones was charged Thursday with raping one woman and sodomizing another, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports.

    The Courier-Journal reports that the warrant for Jones' arrest says that the alleged sexual assaults occurred on Sunday, February 22, and that the accusers were hospitalized and identified Jones as an assailant.

    The woman recognized Jones "as a University of Louisville basketball player" according to the warrant.

    Another warrant says that Jones, along with two others, forced a woman to perform oral sex and intercourse. She was taken to the hospital where she also identified Jones.

    One of the women is 19 and another woman is 20, according to the warrant.

    Two other men are charged along with Jones, Tyvon Walker and Jalen Tilford, each charged with one count of rape and one count of sodomy.

    Jones plead not guilty to the charges on Thursday. His lawyers said in court that he is falsely accused.

    Jones pleads not guilty through attorney. Prosecutor asks judge for high bond because he is flight risk - not from Louisville

    Jones has no adult or juvenile criminal record. He has been in touch with UofL police daily, defense says. Asks for $10,000 bond

    Cox says Jones has "cooperated with police from first minute," unlike two co-defendants. "He has been cooperating the entire time."

    On Feb. 17, Jones was suspended from the Louisville basketball team after an incident where he allegedly sent threatening text messages to an ex-girlfriend. That woman elected not to press charges against Jones. She is not one of the accusers in the case where he is charged.

    Jones sat out one game against Syracuse and was reinstated by Louisville coach Rick Pitino for the Feb. 21 game versus Miami. Jones scored 17 points and helped lead the Cardinals to victory. After the game, Jones addressed the suspension, "it was Coach's decision. It is what it is. I learned from it. Coach called it my selfish behavior of what happened between a situation. It's just something I learned from — you've got to stay away from things like that and that's what I'm going to do."

    The following day, the Sunday of the alleged assaults, Jones was dismissed from the team. In a statement the next day, Pitino made it clear that the dismissal was permanent. "He has got to now get his life together, get on with his life. There's no way he's coming back. It's over."

    His lawyers said in court that Jones has withdrawn from the University of Louisville to focus on the case.

    After entering a not guilty plea, Jones was released on a $10,000 bond. His next court date has not been scheduled.

    #ChrisJones is currently living in a hotel after withdrawing from #UofL, according to his attorney.

    Chris Jones leaves courtroom in handcuffs.

    University of Louisville administration and police provided an update on their investigation Thursday.

    Lt. Col. Kenny Brown w/#UofL police & Michael Mardis, @uofl Dean of Students start the press conference #ChrisJones

    Brown: Two females came to #UofL police 10:30am Sunday to report the rape, sodomy incident at Cardinal Towne Apt Complex #ChrisJones

    #UofL police says of the three people charged, only #ChrisJones was a @uofl student; one of the two victims is UofL student

    #UofL police say that #ChrisJones has been cooperative, he gave a statement to detectives @WDRBNews @uofl

    Dean of Students Michael Mardis: As of this morning, #ChrisJones was still enrolled as a student of #UofL @WDRBNews

    Mardis: This is an "incredibly unfortunate situation" #ChrisJones #UofL @uofl