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    Posted on Jul 28, 2014

    ESPN Reporter Stephen A. Smith Apologizes Again For Rant About Women And Violence

    "The most egregious error of my career."

    Calling his comments about domestic violence "the most egregious error of my career," Steven A. Smith apologized again on Monday.

    Last week, while discussing the suspension of NFL running back Ray Rice, Smith made comments about women provoking attackers. The statement sparked outrage on the internet from people who felt Smith was blaming women for violence against them.

    Smith's apology Monday was his third since his rant on Friday in which he advised women to "make sure we don't do anything to provoke wrong actions."

    After Friday's First Take, Smith took to Twitter and posted a 15-tweet statement where he apologized to his colleague Michelle Beadle who voice her offense to Smith's comments. However, he defended his own advice that women not provoke attackers.

    Smith later issued another statement on Twitter per ESPN reps calling the series of tweets an "inadequate" apology.

    Here are several of the tweets Stephen A. Smith posted Friday that have since been deleted.


    ESPN sent BuzzFeed this statement following Smith's apology on Monday:

    "We will continue to have constructive dialogue on this important topic. Stephen's comments last Friday do not reflect our company's point of view. As his apology demonstrates, he recognizes his mistakes and has a deeper appreciation of our company values."