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Canadian Wendy's Pulls Nine-Patty Burger From Menu For Obvious Reasons

Alas, one less reason to go to Winnipeg.

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The end of a sodium-filled era...

Metro News Canada reports that a Wendy's Restaurant in Brandon, Manitoba pulled this monstrosity from the menu this week after selling it for nine years!

The $21.99 burger started out as a joke ad in Sports Illustrated nine years ago, but customers came in asking for the real thing. The restaurant obliged and started selling two to three giant burgers a day.

Weighing in at around a whopping 3,000 calories, the T. Rex burger had more calories than many people consume in a day. To the dismay of dieticians, it also contained roughly 200 grams of fat — triple the daily allowance — and an eye-watering 6,000 milligrams of sodium, enough to last the average adult four days.