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    Posted on Mar 13, 2013

    Adam Goldberg Is Totally Winning At Vine

    His Vines are like short avante garde films!

    Adam Goldberg is the well recognized character actor from movies such as Saving Private Ryan, and TV hits like Entourage and Friends. Lately, Goldberg's been gaining recognition for screen work significantly shorter than even the 22-minute sitcom. Specifically, referring to the daunting amount of 6-second clips he's managed to churn out daily on Vine. He posted his first Vines - of a teddy bear playing peek-a-boo and, uhhh this - three days after the app became open to Twitter users. Less than a month later, Blackbook Mag anointed him King Of Vine and The Verge wrote an article about the short Vine almost-horror films Goldberg produced on Vine with his girlfriend and their mutual pal Merritt. According to his Twitter feed, Goldberg has created more than 130 Vines to date. Whoa. And, his Vine work is only getting stronger -- here's a sample of some of his most recent strange and beautiful Vine offerings.

    He sang to his jeans. (Or his jeans sang to him?)

    He Vined about daylight saving time.

    He made a Vine film about purgatory.

    He's developed an alter-ego for Vine. Her name is Celeste.

    Celeste wrote a lullaby for Adam's unborn baby.

    He got his car stolen by a blonde wig.

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