Siblings Take A Lie Detector Test And Get Real AF

    "How many times did you spit in my food???"

    Siblings protect your deep dark secrets, usually under pain of death -- or at least, under pain of telling Mom. But are there some secrets that siblings keep from each other? We asked two pairs of siblings to take a lie detector test to find out.

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    Our first pair of siblings are Maria and Babbs. "I just want us to laugh," Babbs said, "and embarrass the shit out of each other." YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S COMING, BABBS.

    Jonathan expected his sister to get caught in her lies, while Jen said she'll make his life terrible if he doesn't proceed with caution.

    Maria asked hard questions right off the bat, but Babbs proved herself to be a good sister.

    Her questions just didn't get any easier. Dang, Maria.

    When the roles were reversed, Babbs had some soul-searching to do with Maria.

    Babbs also wanted to know if Maria still liked living with her.

    Meanwhile, Jonathan wanted to know if Jen's boyfriend thought he was cool.

    Like any sister, Jen wanted to know if her bro had ever felt that capital-L kind of Love.

    In the end, Jen and Jonathan were reminded that honesty is always the best policy.

    And Babbs and Maria? They definitely followed through on those "embarrass each other" and "laugh" goals from the beginning.