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    19 Things For If You Really Just Like Staying At Home

    Home is where the heart (and fridge) is.

    1. A women's bathrobe or a men's bathrobe is a must for anyone partaking in a staycation. I highly recommend getting a fuzzy robe with pockets for both comfort and convenience.

    2. Every robe needs slippers to accompany them. These poop emoji slippers will relax your feet after even an imPOOssible day.

    3. This teapot kettle with a built-in infuser will tingle your taste buds with warm tea, reminding you how awesome it is to stay home at home.

    4. A tea bag variety pack will help you bask in all the feel-good vibes of not leaving the house.

    5. This couch caddy s the perfect tool to keep your vital items (like the remote) nearby, all while conveniently keeping your tush close to the couch.

    6. This bartender kit will make you wonder why you pay so much money for drinks at the bar, when you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

    7. A memory foam mattress topper will make you never want to get out of bed, in the best way possible. You’ll sleep like a baby with this cloud-soft topper.

    8. For those days you just want to cuddle, this companion pillow will lend you a hand. Get all the perks of snuggling — just without the snoring and drooling that comes with a real companion.

    9. These bath bombs are the bomb! They’re therapeutic and moisturizing for those with normal to dry skin, plus they’re super insta-worthy for your day at home.

    10. A calming face mask will help your skin stay hydrated and happy. The epitome of pure bliss!

    11. With a ten-foot iPhone charger, you’ll be able to plug your phone in while you walk across your entire apartment (or at least roll over in bed).

    12. This magnetic poetry kit will prove that you’re a poet and you didn’t even know it! Now you can create little poems on your fridge before you open it up to get last night’s leftovers.

    13. This mini chocolate bar kit will ensure you can snack away for as long as you want. No stay-at-home sweet tooth can resist having just one when they’re binge-watching their favourite show on the couch.

    14. This Do Not Disturb sign is a great non-verbal way to inform your neighbours and roommates that you do not intend to leave the house or commune with the outside world for the day. When you’re ready for visitors, simply switch to the “Welcome, Please Knock” sign.

    15. This electric heated blanket will bring the heat in the midst of a cold day while you cozy up in the comfort of your own home.

    16. It’s always great to read a good book on your Kindle while you’re wrapped up in your sheets. With two times the storage than previous models, you’ll be able to read all your favourite books at the touch a button.

    17. Release tension in your body with this rechargeable full-body handheld massager. Portable and flexable, this massager will remind you that happiness can be found in unexpected places (including your 600-square-foot condo).

    18. Fuck Off, I'm Coloring is the perfect at home activity that will notify family, partners, and roommates that today is YOUR day and YOU just want to be left alone.

    19. I’m no doctor, but I believe this bottle-sized wine glass is very good for you. Besides, wine is made of grapes, and grapes are a fruit, and you should have more fruit, right?

    Staying at home is a vacation all in itself. Don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise!