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    25 “Harry Potter” Items That Will Turn Any Muggle Into A Wizard

    Ten points to Gryffindor for everything on this list!

    1. This Harry Potter music box will crank up the wizarding tunes for anyone looking for that extra bit of musical magic in their lives.

    2. Get a set of three Harry Potter-themed necklaces for any magical occasion. There’s a time turner, a deathly hallows symbol, and a golden snitch necklace, so you can wear your Potter pride with any ensemble.

    3. Enjoy a glass of butterbeer in style with this Hogwarts drinking glass. Its design changes colour depending on the temperature of the drink! How does it work? MAGIC.

    4. Whether you’re a keeper or a seeker, become the best player around with this Quidditch set. It comes equipped with a quaffle, two bludgers, a golden snitch, a poster, and a lock and key — so no one can meddle with your prized equipment.

    5. A Harry Potter colouring book that’ll help any wizard-in-training master the skill of being an artist. No prior magic experience required!

    6. Let your gym buddy know that you're a Potterhead with this Harry Potter blender bottle. Now working out will be as fun as any Quidditch game (if you’re into that sort of thing).

    7. Never lose your place in your spellbook again with this set of horcrux bookmarks. Usually, horcuxes are meant to hidden, but now they’ll help you find your page!

    8. LEGO of the past and start prepping towards the future, with this Harry Potter LEGO advent calendar. This bestselling calendar include 24 toys and will help you count down to the holidays — or any day, really.

    9. This golden snitch keyring will give your keychain some pop, making finding your keys a breeze — ironic, considering the golden snitch is usually pretty hard to find.

    10. These wizard wand makeup brushes will make blending your foundation as easy as saying, “Windgardium leviOsa” (not “levioSA”).

    11. If you love Cards Against Humanity but prefer something a little more magical, Cards Against Muggles is the game for you. With over 1,350 despicable and funny cards set in the wizarding world, this game is will ensure a magical night.

    12. With Tom Riddle's diary, you can write secret messages that can only be revealed with a spell-casting UV light. Just use the Slytherin pen filled with invisible ink to write love letters to your crush without getting caught.

    13. Set up your own entrance to the Ministry of Magic with this Harry Potter novelty toilet sticker. (Just maybe think twice before climbing into your toilet.)

    14. This marauder's map blanket will keep you warm all night, while also ensuring that your mischief is managed. But most importantly, it’s cute AF.

    15. Wish your favourite witch or wizard a happy birthday with this Harry Potter-themed birthday card. Even if they’re a muggle, this card is sure to put a smile on their face — and if it doesn’t, just cast a smile enchantment spell!

    16. A golden snitch essential for an aspiring seeker, and it makes for a great desk decoration. Plus, it comes with a bunch of Harry Potter stickers that’ll jazz up any space.

    17. Conjure up the best coffee with these Harry Potter mugs, because even witches and wizards need their daily dose of caffeine.

    18. These ankle socks are a sure-fire way to sock it to any of your friends who don’t support your totally healthy obsession with the world of Harry Potter.

    19. No words can describe how adorable this "Snuggle this muggle" baby romper is. Dress your toddler head-to-toe in Gryffindor pride with this hat, shirt, and pants combo.

    20. This invisibility cloak is LITERALLY the most magical thing I’ve ever tried. Not only does it make you invisible (through the magical powers of a free green-screen app on your phone), but it’s also so much fun! I’m an adult living out all my invisibility cloak fantasies and I am THRIVING.

    21. With some Harry Potter wall art, you can finally stop quoting the books and just point the quotes on your walls.

    22. Put your Potter knowledge to the test with this Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit card game. Compete against your friends to prove once and for all who is the chosen one.

    23. No need for a time-turner when you have this vinyl record clock that features Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Hogwarts. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves both music and Harry Potter.

    24. This Hogwarts crest LED nightlight will illuminate the darkness to ward off all dementors. Okay, maybe that’s going a bit far, but it sure will light up any room!

    25. Last but not least, no human can go from muggle to witch/wizard without the complete Harry Potter book collection. From Philosopher's Stone all the way to Deathly Hallows, these seven books will take you on the most enchanting rollercoaster ride. Or, should I say, broomstick ride?

    You to anyone who questions your loyalty to Harry Potter: