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    18 Things That'll Make Your Halloween Party Totally Spooktacular

    Double bubble toil and (party decor) trouble(s).

    So you've decided to throw a Halloween rager. It's all fun and games 'til you realize you have to decorate! No need to fear, we've got you covered.

    1. A giant outdoor spider spider will let your guests know you are one serious Halloween host. If you really want to give them the creepy crawlies, you can also get a giant spiderweb to accompany your new arachnid amigo.

    2. This hanging ghost will certainly spook your guests before they even walk through your door. Boo down, peasants!

    3. No party is complete without some festive party supplies. This party set serves 24 people and includes plates, knives, spoons, forks, cups, and napkins.

    4. These decorative Halloween-themed pillowcases will take your house from average to haunted. Your house won't be considered a horror house, but these pillows will get you close to it.

    5. Make sure your party is a bloody good time with this bloody wall backdrop. The best part is this backdrop doesn't leave blood stains, meaning there's no mess!

    6. This versatile Halloween laced topper can add some darkness to all the light spots in your home. Use it to cover your lamps, your windows, or whatever your heart desires.

    7. Bug your guests out by placing some plastic but realistic-looking bugs all over your party. This 100-piece pack includes cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, ants, geckoes, centipedes, mice, flies, and bats. So essentially, it's everyone's fears all in one package.

    8. This Halloween balloon and decor kit is a shoutout to your party guests who don't love being scared. Not all your decorations need to creep out the people you love! After all, you can't have a "Happy Halloween" without the "happy."

    9. Make your washroom bootiful with this machine-washable holiday curtain. Great for people hosting small children as this curtain screams "BOO" in the friendliest way possible!

    10. This realistic human skull flowerpot will help add a touch of the macabre to your party. Although its purpose is being a flowerpot, it can also work as an unique candy bowl. Take a treat if you dare!

    11. Speaking of treats, you can't host people in your home without feeding them! A pack of chocolate bars and a pack of candy is essential on the 31st of October (or any day, really).

    12. This bestselling strobe light will make any party lit — no matter the occasion. With a variety of colour settings, you can set the mood for Halloween, and then reuse this strobe for other holiday events! Talk about a win-win situation.

    13. Some biodegradable orange straws are a sure-fire way to ensure your party doesn't suck. Plus, they're environmentally friendly and they're not specific to Halloween — meaning you can use your leftover straws in the future.

    14. These cotton Halloween dish towels will fight against scary stains to ensure your dishes and kitchen stay clean, even if there's a party spill!

    15. A decorative web for your fireplace will make your home go from cozy to scary in a matter of seconds. This fabric can also be used over a doorway, as a table runner, or as a backdrop.

    16. Some sturdy and waterproof bat stickers are a great decoration for those of us who just need something quick and easy to liven up their Halloween festivities. These stickers are double-sided, making them a breeze to stick to any surface.

    17. This pack of skull skewers will make your cheese platter to die for. Decorated with multi-coloured skulls, these skewers can be used to serve with food or as a decor item for your cocktails.

    18. Serve some deadly sangria in your cast iron pot. Some people call it a pot, but during the month of October we'll refer to it as a cauldron — perfect for mixing spells, potions, and sangria.

    Happy decorating and don't forget to tell your guests to dress up in costume. It's Halloween after all!

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