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    23 Things That’ll Actually Help You Become A Morning Person

    The early bird catches the worm while making breakfast, doing yoga, and responding to emails.

    1. First off, a contoured eye mask will help you get full night of uninterrupted sleep, without putting pressure on your eyes. To be considered an early bird at all, you need to get a good night’s sleep! Otherwise, you’re just a night owl, right?

    2. If you can't do eye masks, this light simulated alarm clock will be the perfect rise-and-shine for you. This bestselling alarm will gently wake you up with one of its seven warm light colours. You can also set your alarm tone to be your favourite radio station, or pick one of six soothing nature sounds.

    3. If you're a deep sleeper, the Sonic Bomb alarm clock may be your best option. With red flashing lights, a high-volume alarm sound, and heavy vibrations, even the deepest of sleepers will wake up in a blink. It's a bit of a rude awakening, if you will, but some of us need it.

    4. Use a remote control to open your smart window blinds and let the light in, waking you up in true Disney princess fashion.

    5. Keeping a daily tear-off planner pad on your nightstand is great motivation to get you out of bed. It will remind you of all the things you want to achieve, and that ought to make you jump out of bed!

    6. Throwing on a soft bathrobe after getting out of bed will give you the comfort of a blanket, without actually staying in bed.

    7. Keep your feet nice and warm with these soft memory foam slippers. You don't want to be stepping directly on the cold floor when you're getting out of bed.

    8. This single-serve coffee maker is an early bird's best friend — especially one that lives alone, and is always on the go!

    9. Getting up early means you have extra time to do more! Throw on these comfortable and non-see-through mesh leggings , and awaken your body with some stretches. They're highly rated especially for their stretchability, and for having pockets!

    10. By incorporating these bestselling resistance bands into your workout, you can make sure your muscles are just as awake as you are!

    11. This handsfree dog leash is great for anyone who likes to take their four-legged pal out for a stroll in the morning. If you're up, chances are your dog is up too.

    12. Wireless earbuds are a vital accessory for the early riser. Whether you're taking the dog for a run or simply making eggs at home, some morning tunes are sure to put you in the best mood possible.

    13. Catch up on your favourite podcasts in the shower with this portable and waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

    14. This highly-rated mint-scented body wash will make your morning shower an even more refreshing experience. Infused with tea tree oil and mint, this body wash creates a cooling sensation that helps hydrate and awaken tired skin.

    15. Some soothing low pH gel cleanser will wash your face without stripping your skin to give you a true good morning glow. The best part is this product works well for all skin types!

    16. Follow up with some facial spray infused with aloe, herbs, and rosewater to tone your skin. This bestselling toner is great for anyone who always finds themselves in a rush. Just one quick spritz and you'll skin will be thanking you.

    17. Moisturizer with SPF is essential for EVERYONE! Even if you don't have a skincare routine, you should be wearing some form of SPF every day to protect your skin from the sun's rays. This oil-free moisturizer will give you sun protection without leaving you greasy.

    18. A jade roller is the perfect tool to massage your skin before sleeping.It works to tighten your skin, reduce puffiness, fade dark circles, and to help absorb skincare products better. You'll wake up with healthier and de-puffed skin every morning.

    19. This bestselling vegan cookbook has some amazing breakfast recipes that are jam-packed with nutrients to jump-start your day. One of my personal favourite recipes is the overnight oats. Healthy AND tasty? Sign me up!

    20. Multi-taskers will LOVE this dual breakfast sandwich maker. This bestselling kitchen appliance can make two breakfast sandwiches in under five minutes! It fits English muffins, bagels, and biscuits. Let this machine make your sandwich while you get dressed.

    21. If you don't like a heavy breakfast, a magic bullet blender will give you the most quick and amazing morning smoothies. Once you've made your smoothie, just throw on the lid provided and your blender becomes your drinking cup.

    22. Start your mornings off with some self-reflection with this gratitude book. With over 52 weeks of cultivating prompts, you'll be able to get yourself in a healthy mindset every morning, and that positivity will carry through to the rest of your day.

    23. Last but not least, these "Good Morning Beautiful" and "Good Morning Handsome" mugs are the positive reinforcement everyone needs in the a.m. Even if don't feel like you look too sharp, your mug will remind you that you're beautiful.

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