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    18 Items That’ll Make Your Dorm Room Actually Feel Like Home

    Transform your dorm room from concrete to castle.

    1. Let there be (fairy) light! Actually, let there be lots of light. Adding some LED dimmable string lights will take your dorm room from dungeon to a fairy tale hideaway in no time.

    2. Give your concrete walls a makeover by hanging a decorative tapestry to liven up your space.

    3. Add an ultra-soft rug to your dorm room to make studying on your bedroom floor that much more enjoyable.

    4. Who needs to wake up to a “Good Morning” text? Make your own good morning with the help of this cinema lightbox.

    5. Incorporate some wall stickers to give your dorm room that exotic touch.

    6. Let your light alarm clock wake up you gradually, so you’re not shocked out of sleep by a buzzing alarm.

    7. Give your bed a little pop with some fun shiny decor pillows!

    8. Let's face it: You can't make your textbooks look cute. But at least you can make your bookends cute!

    9. On the topic of geometric shapes, why not get yourself a wired shelving rack for all your little knickknacks?

    10. Avoid that dreaded stale dorm-room smell by using an essential oil diffuser to get your room smelling beautiful.

    11. You may struggle to take care of yourself, but why not PRETEND you can take care of other things by getting these fake decor plants.

    12. Dorm room mattresses can be uncomfortable, but you can ensure you get your beauty sleep with a super-soft quilted mattress topper!

    13. Step up your Netflix game with a laptop bed table to make streaming and eating food in bed just that much easier.

    14. Keep your dorm room nice and tidy (and your mess hidden from the general public) with an over-the-door-organizer. Great for storing your shoes, towels and toiletries.

    15. Showcase your memories loud and proud with this collage picture frame to make your dorm room feel a little more like home.

    16. Let your music be heard from the heavens (or at least from down the hall) with this portable bluetooth speaker.

    17. NOTHING will make you feel more at home than a literal light-up sign that says “home.”

    18. You didn’t think you’d make it through the year without having to do laundry, did you? Get yourself a cutely-patterned laundry basket to show off your personality while you wash your unmentionables.

    You, when you see how you’ve transformed your dorm room into a beautiful palace: