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    10 Things You'll Learn While Traveling Europe This Summer

    "What do you mean you don't have tap water?!"

    If you're anywhere from the ages of 18 - 10000 you've probably reached a point in your life in which you need to Julia Robert's yourself and go on an Eat, Pray, Love adventure!

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    Well, lucky for you summer is upon us and it is the perfect time to "find yourself!" What better place to do some learning and exploring than the continent where dreams are made of!? Here are 10 things you'll learn while traveling Europe this summer:

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    1. European's are C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T

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    Whether it's walking up to you in the streets and asking you out, or running around naked on a beach, European's are hella confident and eventually it will rub off on you.

    2. People sit side to side at restaurants

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    Unlike North America, it is actually quite common for people to seat side to side rather than across from each other. Making for a very comfy and cozy dinner time!

    3. Free water, washrooms and Wi-Fi are hard to come by

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    Need water ? A washroom? Free Wi-Fi ? NOT A THING IN EUROPE. You'll be lucky not to get a dirty look for asking for tap water or the Wi-Fi password, and must make a purchase to use any toilets.

    4. Food is WAY better in Europe

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    This is just common knowledge, don't even fight me on this.

    5. Every weekend is a PAAARRRRTTTYYYY!

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    Now I'm not talking about that Coachella lifestyle, but during the summer you can find yourself stumbling upon a festival almost every weekend. Those European's sure love a good party!

    6. Street signs are confusing


    Call me crazy, but in why did European's decided to put street signs on the side of buildings rather than on poles? It causes a lot of confusion for those of us who are directionally impaired.

    7. Nothing is open 24/7

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    Despite what you're probably use to if you're from North America, nothing stays open 24/7 in Europe, not even some McDonald's! In Western Europe you may even find towns and cities to be deserted on Sunday's as it is seen as a religious holiday.

    8. Staircases are FUN

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    If you have a fascination for stairs you need to go to Europe. They have spiral stairs, marble stairs, stairs that have hundreds of steps, heck they even have moving stairs... Okay, that's just in Hogwarts, but you get the point!

    9. Emergency vehicles sound different country to country


    Now you wouldn't think this is true, but from country to country each emergency vehicle sounds completely different from one another. But it's all in good since we know the people in those cars are high-key saving the world.

    10. Crisps? Chips? or Fries?

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    If you visit the United Kingdom you'll need to learn the difference in make sure you aren't ordering the wrong thing! Crisps (UK) = Chips (North American), Chips (UK) = Fries (North American).

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