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    19 Things Art Students Are Tired Of Hearing

    "How do you study film? Do you just watch movies all day?"

    1. "So what's your major?" "Oh... that sounds interesting."


    We know exactly what you're thinking.

    2. "My parents would NEVER let me major in that."


    That must be nice... letting your parents determine your future.

    3. "Oh I wanted to do arts but I also want a stable career."


    Because apparently a stable career in arts doesn't exist.

    4. "But isn't art just a hobby?"


    Evidently not.

    5. "Your classes must be so easy."


    Say that to my four 50% essays all due on Thursday.

    6. "I wish I could do fun classes too."

    New Line Cinema


    7. "Art? So you get to paint and stuff?"

    DreamWorks Pictures

    You do know that art isn't limited to illustrations, right?

    8. "Do you even do any work?"


    No actually. We just sit in class and stare blankly at the tutor.

    9. "How is that a real class?"

    Comedy Central

    Well film studies doesn't mean we sit there and eat popcorn all day.

    10. "I wish I could just do essays too, it would be so much easier."


    You really don't mean that. Honestly.

    11. "Exam time must be so much less stressful for you."


    Yes because trying to remember books of quotes to use is so easy.

    12. "I wish my degree was as easy as yours."


    What makes you think 70-page readings are easy?!

    13. "You don't get it, your exams aren't the same."

    20th Century Fox

    Yeah you're right. You have questions that have absolute answers.

    14. "Uni must be fun when you get to do nothing all day."


    Shit. Was it the 20kg backpack of textbooks that gave away the fact we don't do any work?

    15. "What kind of job can you even get with that?"


    Whatever job we are qualified to do.

    16. "Are there even any jobs in that industry?"


    Are there really secure jobs in any industry?

    17. "Don't you want to make money?"

    Warner Bros.

    No. We went to university just for the crippling debt.

    18. "But how will you pay your student loans?"


    Maybe the same way you'll pay yours?

    19. "What are you going to do when you graduate?"


    We barely even know what we're doing now.