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17 Websites That Will Actually Change Your Life

Get ready to start bookmarking.

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1. MyFridgeFood


Everyone's been stuck with the dilemma of having food in their fridge but nothing to eat. MyFridgeFood fixes this problem by crafting recipes from the ingredients you tell it you have. Plus, the site suggests recipes you have almost all the ingredients for and lets you know what you need to buy for them.

2. Gnoosic


Gnoosic works by having you enter in three artists that you like, and it'll suggest similar musicians that you should listen to. Sure, a fair few of the artists you may have heard before, but you might just find someone totally new!

4. BlaBlaMeter


We all know that sometimes when we type big blocks of text, a whole lot of it ends up being filler and bullshit. The BlaBlaMeter serves to tell you just how much bullshit is in your text, so you can adjust your bullshitty-ness levels accordingly.

7. Freepik

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Freepik is a site full of free vectors that you can download and edit. They download in a zip file, which includes not only the finished image, but also the raw file.

10. Pixlr


If you've ever needed an editing program that's a little better than MS Paint but not as complex as Photoshop, then Pixlr is your answer. It's a free in-browser editing app that's simple to use and makes your work look top-notch.

11. Hemingway App / Via

If you've ever thought, Damn, I wish I had someone to read over this big block of text, then Hemingway App is exactly what you need. The site identifies sentences that are hard to read, words that have simpler variants, instances of passive voice, and adverbs that can easily be replaced with verbs.

12. StumbleUpon


StumbleUpon is a site that makes you choose categories that interest you, and from that information provides you with an array of articles and websites. Each time you click the "Stumble" button, you're transported to a new site based on your interests!

13. This to That


OK, look, it might be a little niche, but there will be at least one time that you'll be gluing something to something else. This to That very simply lets you know which type of glue you should be using for the materials and why.

14. A Good Movie to Watch


A Good Movie to Watch saves all those arguments that arise over what damn movie to watch. The good thing about this site is that it even lets you search by which streaming service you're using and from which country, so you can be sure you can watch it.

15. Written? Kitten!


If you're a person who NEEDS writing motivation, Written? Kitten! may well be the solution you need. The default setting is that for every 100 words, you get a fresh kitten photo. Don't worry, though – if they aren't your style, you can opt for puppies or bunnies instead!

16. Who Sampled


Have you ever heard a song and thought, That sounds so familiar, where have I heard it before?! Who Sampled takes the stress out of trying to remember where you've heard it and provides you with the sampled song, current song, and time stamps for when the samples appear. Check it out, and you might learn a thing or two.

17. TwoFoods


Look, chances are if you're going out for fast food, you probably don't really care about the calorie difference between two items. However, if you do care, TwoFoods helps compare the nutritional differences in any two foods so you can decide which one you'd prefer to chow down on.

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