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    19 Photos You’ll Only Understand If You Fucking Love A Halal Snack Pack

    Harambe? Nah fam, more like Halalbe.

    1. When you want to impress:

    Facebook: Sam Radi‎ /

    2. But also when you want value for money:

    Facebook: @Alex Shute /

    3. When your heart wants what it wants:

    Facebook: @Eb Rabich‎ /

    4. Even if your wallet doesn't quite agree:

    Disney / Facebook: @Jaxon Cawthorne‎ / Via

    5. When you can't hide the food baby any longer:

    Facebook: Mohamed Aboukadir / Via

    6. And when your real baby asks the important questions:

    Facebook: @Johnson Vu‎ / Via

    7. When HSP is life:

    Facebook: @Johnathon Johanson‎ /

    8. And when sometimes life just hits you hard:

    Facebook: @Garlic Bread Memes / Via

    9. When you're a low-key dingo:

    Pixar / Facebook: @Hamed Afghan‎ / Via

    10. Or when your review is just shit and you get called a dingo:

    Facebook: @Oliver Repetto‎ / Via

    11. When you're all about the halal factor:

    Facebook: @Brendan Thompson‎ / Via

    12. Like really all about it:

    Facebook: @Mihailo Božić‎ / Via

    13. Because you've got no time for anything haram:

    Facebook: @Jack Day‎ / Via

    14. When your HSP choices go deeper than face value:

    Facebook: @David Ryan‎ /

    15. And when those choices go even deeper than that:

    Facebook: @Matthew Brener‎ / Via

    16. When the important things are on your mind at all times:

    Facebook: @Angelo Russo‎ / Via

    17. And when your priorities are in order:

    Facebook: @Hamish Snoddo‎ / Via

    18. When you can't resist the pull of a HSP:

    Facebook: @Joshua Relph‎ / Via

    19. And when you just can't say no to a friendly brother down at at your local kebab joint:

    Facebook: @Danial Jnaidy‎ / Via

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