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Hamish & Andy Prank Called Someone About A Job Reference And His Answers Were Amazing

"Tim Barnard ya bastard...."

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Yesterday, Australian radio presenters Hamish and Andy, managed to stumble upon, what is fair to call, Australia's best bloke.

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Although James thought the call was a bit strange he told BuzzFeed that he was committed to "trying to nail this for this bloke".

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"So I tried it, and gave it a good ol' crack. I was trying to do the best I could for good ol' Tim, my good pal Tim," he added.

While he didn't expect anything to come of the call, he has since been flooded with "at least 500 friend requests" and "triple-figure inboxes" with messages talking about how much of legend he is.

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When asked if there was anything else he wanted to add, James simply responded with: “Nah not really, it was just a good, classic stitch-up”.

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