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19 Songs That Mean Something Totally Different If You Really Look At The Lyrics

Are you really listening to those lyrics?

Warning: Some of these songs speak of addiction, abuse, rape, death, and suicide.

1. Outkast, "Hey Ya"

2. TLC, "Waterfalls"

3. Passion Pit, "Take a Walk"

4. Rihanna, "Love on the Brain"

5. Ben Folds Five, "Brick"

6. The Lumineers, "Ho Hey"

7. The Rolling Stones, "Brown Sugar"

8. Lil Uzi Vert, "XO TOUR Llif3"

9. Smashing Pumpkins, "Today"

10. Hailee Steinfeld, "Love Myself"

11. Hozier, "Cherry Wine"

12. Aqua, "Barbie Girl"

13. Of Monsters and Men, "Little Talks"

14. Billie Holiday, "Strange Fruit"

15. Foster the People, "Pumped Up Kicks"

16. Ed Sheeran, "The A Team"

17. Nirvana, "Polly"

18. Sia, "Chandelier"

19. Los del Rio, "Macarena"

This post was inspired by this Reddit thread.