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14 Of The Kinkiest Things People Have Actually Been Caught Doing

Jesus? Hello? Um, we need you rn.

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the kinkiest thing they've ever been caught doing. Here are the cringe-worthy results.



"My husband and I were having sex and I was a little loud so my three-year-old runs in asking "You okay, Mommy?". She has also walked into our room when I was pegging my husband." –MomOfTwo


"When I was in high school, this guy from my neighbourhood came over and we hooked up. My dad walked into the room just seconds after the guy came in my mouth, and it tasted bad so I didn't want to swallow. I had a mouth full of cum and my dad asked if I was ready for dinner. I shook my head to say 'no' and he replied with 'yeah, you look pretty full' and walked away." –Sara Heinemeyer, Facebook



"I was with an ex and we decided to sneak into a graveyard in the middle of the night, drink whiskey, and bone. We're in a city so we had to climb a fence. After a few hours of partying, security caught on. We had to nakedly run from tombstone to tombstone as security looked for us. Climbing a fence with spikes on the top naked is hard. I had some weird bruises." –Cassondra Lee, Facebook


"I was 16, and I still didn't have a vibrator yet. Like any young girl, I decided to use my electric toothbrush. My mom walked in on me using said electric toothbrush, but that's not the worst of it. She witnessed me watching lesbian porn... before I had a chance to come out!" –oliviasasak



"So in high school my boyfriend and I were parked on the side of some old dirt road in the middle of nowhere. I was completely naked and my hands were tied with one of his neck ties when a cop shows up. It wasn't that wrist tying is super kinky, more just awkward that the ties were so tight that I couldn't get them off to get my clothes on. So just picture this: A cop at the window, my boyfriend dressed because he had time, and then me, butt-ass naked with my hands tied-up making direct eye contact with the cop at the car window." –cheyenneo467bd1066


"I once made eye contact with someone sitting a few rows ahead of me while having anal sex on a train. It was a long ride home." –caib2

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"An ex and I used to 'hang out' with another hetero couple to have fun times. One day my partner and I were on the floor, and the other couple were having sex in the bed when the mother of the guy of the other couple walked in. She's very much catholic. We decided it was best we all went out for a few hours, but first that meant passing the mother, father, and elderly relatives as we left. The shame!!" –Beth Munchkin, Facebook


"In high school my boyfriend and I decided to go skinny-dipping in a pond near our school on a weekend. Things started to heat up and just as I was about to cum, I heard a noise and saw a bunch of people from our school coming our way. We panicked and couldn't find our clothes, so we decided to climb a tree. The group stayed there for a long time and so did we, completely naked and hoping they didn't look up. I started to realise that my whole body, especially my vulva, started to itch from sitting in the tree. I was having an allergic reaction! When the group finally left, we began climbing down and the branch I was holding onto snapped, and I fell. The group heard the sound and came back to discover me stark naked with an itchy red vulva and leaves everywhere!" –atomcoolcat1

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"My ex-boyfriend and I were out clubbing in the city. On our way back to the train station we decided it would be a good idea to stop in an alleyway because we were too horny to wait until we got home. Just as things starting getting really good, we were spotted by a group of fellow partiers. They were good sports, cheered us on, and we got back to business." –Einahepts093


"One time I was at a dungeon party at our local community space, and we were all hanging out and socialising by the front desk in our fetish wear. Heels, corsets, leather, fishnets, and all at different stages of nudity. We forgot that one person ordered pizza, and when the Pizza Hut delivery guy walked in he dropped the pizza in shock when he saw us. While my friend payed, he asked us what we were doing and what this place was. I replied, 'Well, this is a private space. If I told you, I'd have to kill you'. Now Pizza Hut won't deliver to us and we always have to get Domino's instead." – mackenzie



"In high school my mom walked in on my boyfriend going down on me. I was so mortified. He grabbed his skateboard and ran out of the apartment, and my mom just walked out a minute later and went to the bar. It was our fault since we were doing it in the living room. Total reality TV stuff right there." –janellejoannes


"It was senior year in high school, and this super hot goth girl transferred so I made a move and started chatting her up. As I was goth too, we hit it off immediately and she invited me over after school. We didn't have the intention of having sex, but one thing led to another. We were right in the middle of the hottest sex I'd ever had (at that point) on her mom's bed. I mean full on girl-on-girl: her face buried between my legs, me blindfolded and gagged, wearing nipple clamps, and handcuffed to her mom's headboard. After she took the ball gag out of my mouth and sat on my face, her mom walked in on us! Total horror! Her mom just laughed her ass off at the sight and congratulated us both." –r46143bf89


"I had my own room in the fraternity house my junior year of college. My girlfriend spent most nights there and it was where most of our sexual activities took place. She kept a few toys in my room cause that's where they got used. Fast forward to the end of the semester I've cleaned out my entire room for the next guy to move in. Somehow the only thing I manage to leave behind is one of her dildos and a bottle of lube in my bottom drawer. The next guy moves in, finds the dildo, makes the assumption that I was using it up my ass, and proceeds to ask my advice on using toys in your butt." –SnOwRiDe1080


"My boyfriend and I ran into my uncle at a swingers party. Worst family reunion ever." –kellib45dca58db


Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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