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21 Funny Tweets For People Who Are So Done With School

When you spend five days waiting for the weekend and it lasts a whole five minutes.

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1. When real-life hits you, and you remember your responsibilities.

2. And when you know exactly what's going to happen when you get to school.

3. So you set a billion alarms because you don't trust yourself to drag yourself from bed to hell.

4. Which, tbh, often doesn't work anyway.

5. Because you spend five days a week trying to get those two sweet days off...

6. ...which usually feel like much, much less.

7. You are well aware of all the work you have to do, but you have no energy for it.

8. Which is probably because you're drowning in all that's expected of you.

9. So you try to block out everything for the sake of your sanity.

10. And you just try to push through your exhaustion...

11. ...and your hunger, so that you can focus.

12. But sometimes it gets all too much so you try to energise by staying home for a day.

13. And you just end up even more dazed and confused than when you started.

14. You end up wondering why and how you've fallen so far behind...

15. ...when you tried so hard the whole semester.

16. The fact that you're not doing as well as you hoped starts to affect you.

17. And you start to think about what your other options in life are.

18. You stress out about the things you forget to do.

19. But you eventually just think "fuck it" and throw in the towel.

20. Because you're pretty comfortable with the fact that you just hate school...

21. ...but are excited by the fact that hell is almost over.

Via Twitter: @Harddy_K