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22 Guys From The '00s That Everyone Crushed On Then Vs Now

The glow up is strong in this bunch.

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2. Chad Michael Murray

Then: Cute. Trendy with his spiky hair. Wore this t-shirt/collared shirt combo tho. Points must be taken away.

Now: Aged like a fine wine. Learned how to raise eyebrow for photos. Nice.


7. Ben McKenzie

Then: Mmmmm not my flavour. But I'm going to be attacked in the comments if he's not in here.

Now: Tbh he kinda looks the same. He just started to push his hair back which is good. Nice paisley tie. Different. Unusual. I approve.


22. And Justin Timberlake

Then: I don't know what the fuck his '00s look was. Did people find this attractive? Anyone?

Now: Beards make everything better. Plus his new hair is a real improvement but one of his eyes look fake. I need an explanation.


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