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18 Times People Selling Shit On Facebook Needed To Explain Themselves

Looking for 206 expired condoms?

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1. When the limits of something being in "good condition" were really tested.

2. And when it provided the opportunity to buy the most elegant of aesthetics.

3. When someone tried to sell a bunch of grubs for a couple of bucks.

4. And a whole lot of their kid's Halloween candy for $30 flat.

5. When you could buy a makeup palette and a baby all in the same place.

6. And when the top two hits were a baggy full of drugs and a small child wrapped in a blanket.

7. When someone decided the most hygienic way to sell "beets juice" was in a used water bottle.

8. And when some knob tried to sell an empty Starbucks glass.

9. When you could cop a sex mask and bong at the same time.

10. And satisfy all your curry and ATM needs all at once.

11. When the marketplace allowed people to rid themselves of their vices.

12. And helped others satisfy their...needs.

13. When someone nabbed a DD sign and chose to sell it for a steal.

14. And when this Casanova decided to share the (expired) love.

15. When this soda lover found a way to finesse the system.

16. And when this fashion star decided to part with their most rare of Crocs.

17. When this guy thought a snail on a penny automatically bumped its value up by £49.99.

18. And when this dude literally tried to sell some cold hard cash.