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    22 Things That You Saw At Every Single Formal In The ‘00s

    Satin. Satin everywhere.

    1. One girl always had a really over-the-top corsage.

    2. Someone was definitely wearing a dollar store tiara.

    3. And someone without question had a top hat.

    4. There was always one guy that wore a suit that his mum said he would "grow into".

    5. Or there was always one boy who wore a coloured suit to be different.

    6. Or a group that co-ordinated their coloured suits.

    7. There were a whole lot of satin dresses...

    8. ...and satin ties for the boys.

    9. And if a dress wasn't satin, it was definitely a full princess ballgown.

    10. Paired with a tiny bag worn around the wrist that fit literally nothing in it.

    11. The girls kept warm with shawls the same colour as their dress.

    12. Or there were people matching their makeup to their dress.

    13. And of course, there were always at least two girls wearing a similar outfit.

    14. All the guys were spiking their hair to the high-heavens.

    15. And the girls had hairstyles so stiff from the 27 cans of hairspray they used.

    16. Most kids would be riding in limos or doing weird shit with them.

    17. But someone would always arrive in a fire truck or something as equally over-the-top.

    18. You would look out to the dancefloor and see the all girls barefoot.

    19. Because the strappy kitten heels would be killing everyones feet by the end of the night.

    20. Except for that one girl who paired her dress with a pair of Chucks.

    21. There were "awards" that honestly just made no sense.

    22. And the night ended with the whole grade just getting overly emotional when "Graduation (Friends Forever)" played.