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    19 Things Australians Lowkey Admire About America

    God bless America.

    1. Your ability to deep-fry literally anything.

    2. Or to stomach cheese that's nuclear orange.

    3. The skills you have to somehow put everything into can form.

    4. And to think of the inventions we never knew we needed.

    5. Your understanding in the importance of multi-tasking.

    6. And in saving time with double drive-thrus.

    7. Your dedication to finding fake IDs for before you turn 21.

    8. And your self-control over the free drink refills that seem to be everywhere.

    9. Plus your restraint in not buying all the dirt-cheap alcohol you can get your hands on.

    10. Your patience in using the imperial system when the rest of the world are on the metric.

    11. The way you manage to find room in your wallet to hold all your pennies from all the .99c purchases.

    12. Your confidence in being able to piss with your massive bathroom stall gaps.

    13. Your ability to distinguish your bills from each other despite them all being the same colour.

    14. And your couponing and stockpiling skills in order to save a few dollars.

    15. Your brain power in understanding how tipping works.

    16. Your powerful tastebuds that are able to withstand everything doused in ranch dressing.

    17. Your strong stomachs that can down some weird-ass food combinations.

    18. And some really unnecessary alcohol combinations.

    19. And your strength in dealing with everything that is this.