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23 Things That Defined ‘00s Australian Girl Style

"If you break my black jelly bracelet it means we have to have sex."

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1. The Roxy trucker hat that didn't actually protect your head that much.

2. And the Roxy wallet you got at a surf store that at least seven other people in your year also had.

3. A Roxy backpack which, you guessed it, you also picked up at a surf store.

4. And if you weren't rocking the surf brand bag, you were definitely using a child's cartoon backpack.

5. Or your always-trusty Country Road bag.

6. But on a casual outing, you would just put all your stuff in a Supre eco-bag...

7. ...which you got as a result of all the slogan tees you purchased.

8. Especially when the oversized ones were all the rage.

"I <3 MY EX BF."
Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

"I <3 MY EX BF."

9. You always made sure to throw in a bow headband when you went to pay.

10. Or you hoped you had enough money left over to buy the wrap belt that everyone wore to your school disco...

11. ...which reeked of whole cans of Impulse.

12. Or the sickly sweet scent of So...? Kiss me.

13. You definitely rocked a chiffon cape at one point.

Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

14. Or a pair of really poorly-faded jeans.

15. And on the weekends, you definitely wore some embroidered net slip-on sandals...

16. ...or a cheeky pair of printed Havaianas.

17. If you were good, Mum would take you to Myer and grab you a brand new Fiorucci tee.

18. Or, if you were extra well-behaved, another Paul Frank logo t-shirt.

19. You had at least one mufti day where someone else was wearing the same Jay Jays Superman t-shirt as you.

20. And you without question rocked the ugg boots and jeans look.

Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

21. You loved your fresh pair of volleys your mum got from Big W.

22. And the same pair of white slip-on Rabens that literally everyone else had.

23. And without doubt, you had a stack of jelly "fuck" bracelets on your wrist.

&quot;Be careful, if you snap my black one you know what will happen.&quot;

"Be careful, if you snap my black one you know what will happen."