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27 Moments That Always Make Your Heart Miss A Beat

When you accidentally like that photo of your crush from three years ago.

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1. When you hear the front door open and realise you forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer.

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2. When your phone is on silent and you see all the missed calls from your mother.

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3. When your phone isn't where it should be.

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4. When you use your phone in the bathroom and it fumbles out of your hand.

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5. When you drop your phone and realise your screen protector saved it.

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6. Or when you drop your phone and the gods save it.

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7. When your phone starts acting up.

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8. When you send a risky text and the typing stops and starts.

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9. Or when you get the dreaded text.

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10. When you send something you instantly regret.

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11. When you pay via card and it takes ages to go through.

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12. When you check your bank account during the system's reboot.

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13. When a transit officer asks to see your ticket and you can't find where you put it.


14. When you drop your car keys and almost lose them.

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15. Or even when you momentarily lose your car.

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16. When you step on the accelerator instead of the brake.


17. When police drive behind you with their sirens but you realise they're pulling over someone else.


18. And when you hear police sirens but it's just in the song you're listening to.

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19. When you forget to save your work and get the deadly Microsoft error message.

Microsoft Office

20. Or when you get choked by your headphones.

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21. When you leave an exam and people start sharing the answers you definitely didn't write.

When everyone is discussing answers after the test and you put nothing similar…

22. When you drop your favourite makeup palette and don't know if it shattered.

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23. When you really struggle to wake up in the morning.

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24. Or when you wake up from falling in a dream.

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25. When you think there's an extra step and miss it.

26. When someone opens the toilet door that you thought was locked.

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27. And when you accidentally like a really old photo of someone.

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