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Do You Know Which Movies Inspired These Tattoos?

Don't worry, there are no Harry Potter tattoos in this quiz.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their tattoos that were inspired by movies. See if you can guess the movies that line up with the ink.

  1. What movie did this tattoo draw inspiration from?

    @callies48cb4936d / BuzzFeed

    Beauty and the Beast!

    "A 'Chip on my shoulder' inspired by Beauty And The Beast." –callies48cb4936d

  2. Where is this happy still from?

    @Bilbo15 / BuzzFeed

    The Lion King!

    "I've always loved The Lion King. It has always helped me be true to who I am, not let the past define me, and taught me to never be afraid to make fun of yourself and be a fool! Hakuna Matata!" –Bilbo15

  3. Where have you seen this spooky thing before?

    @claryssa339 / BuzzFeed

    Spirited Away!

    "Spirited Away has been my favourite movie for as long as I can remember. I love it so much that I got a No Face tattoo! Miyazaki will always be my favourite artist." –claryssa339

  4. Which movie has these things with big legs and little arms?

    @klarag / BuzzFeed

    Jurassic Park!

    "Jurassic Park, and especially Jurassic World! I felt as excited as a little kid watching it in cinema, and I wanted to keep that feeling." –klarag

  5. Where have you seen these wings before?

    @nicka4a3856d0b / BuzzFeed

    Toy Story!

    "Toy Story. My grandmother and I watched it a million times when I was a kid. Buzz Lightyear was always my favourite. This tattoo reminds me I'll always have a friend in her." –nicka4a3856d0b

  6. What film were these cute origami creatures in?

    @a47ce3b236 / BuzzFeed

    Blade Runner!

    "My husband and I have inverse Blade Runner tributes." –a47ce3b236

  7. What movie does this symbol remind you of?

    @allisonp43bdf018e / BuzzFeed

    The Mummy!

    "My friend and I got matching tattoos inspired by The Mummy." –allisonp43bdf018e

  8. Which film features this beautiful quote?

    @katem4b9c9eb3d / BuzzFeed

    Tuck Everlasting!

    "Tuck Everlasting. A young girl, Winnie, must decide whether or not to drink from a spring that grants eternal life." –Katherine Marshall Eastman

  9. Which movie is this figure from?

    @siljeekevalls / BuzzFeed


    "My very first tattoo was the spinning top from Inception. That movie blew me away. To me, it says - who cares if dreams and fantasy aren't, strictly speaking, real? If you experience it, it's a part of YOUR reality. It really resonated with me as a fantasy artist and game designer." –siljeekevalls

  10. And finally, what movie is this reference from?

    @courtneyr4375e2e49 / BuzzFeed

    Forrest Gump!

    "Forrest Gump. 'Jenny and me was like peas and carrots.'" –courtneyr4375e2e49

Some responses were edited for length/clarity.

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