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17 Teachers Who Are So Extra It’ll Make You Smile

Extra teachers are the best teachers.

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1. The teachers responsible for these door designs.

2. And this pun-loving one on parent-teacher night.

@LeaderandReader / Via Twitter: @LeaderandReader

3. This teacher who's really excited by maths and Christmas.

@mukilane / Via

4. And this one who took his love for Christmas even further.

@YIKESKlM / Via Twitter: @YIKESKlM

5. This art teacher demonstrating his Photoshop skills.

@brandonpeirce / Via Twitter: @brandonpeirce

6. And this one apologising the only way he knows how.

@vetheacerna / Via Twitter: @vetheacerna

7. This teacher's extra credit techniques.

@lexiejudd / Via Twitter: @lexiejudd

9. This teacher's cold dig.

@grace__sheehan / Via Twitter: @grace__sheehan

10. This professor who's up-to-date with all the current meme trends.

11. And this one who decided to stick it to the man.

@Sploofs_For_Spliffs / Via

12. This teacher who made sure Tom would get his money.

@JasonElsom / Via Twitter: @JasonElsom

13. And this one who made their students question everything.

@ThatChixx / Via

14. This guy all about practical learning.


15. And this maths teacher taking the physical route.

@speedskatergirl / Via Twitter: @speedskatergirl

16. This teacher and their new way of keeping attendance.

@kevbawt / Via

17. And this chemistry-loving Breaking Bad fanatic.