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    17 Honest Confessions From Haunted House Workers

    Yeah, people do shit themselves.

    1. The more scared you look, the more likely you are to be picked on.


    2. And when you see a person with a chainsaw, it's typically a real electric chainsaw without its chain.

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    3. People who purposely punch the scare actors often get arrested outside the house, or get kicked out of the park.


    4. But the actors can tell when you punch out of reflex, and are pretty understanding in those situations.


    5. If you don't react to their scares, the actors will generally just move on and try to scare someone else.

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    6. And they don't tone down the scare factor for little kids; they instead pretend to be scared of them.

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    Many places offer kids little lights and glow sticks that "scare" the actors, letting them know to back off.

    7. Actors only really break character when safety becomes an issue, but when they find out you're OK they get right back into scaring you.


    8. But no matter how scared you are, you can be pretty sure that the scare actors won't touch you.


    A whole lot of houses have a "no touching" policy, which works for both the guests and workers.

    9. Most scare actors who work in the houses earn minimum wage or are actually just volunteers.


    10. Plus you don't need an acting background to get the job — the houses will hire just about anyone if you're willing to do the work.

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    11. And you don't get trained on how to spook people.


    You get a few trial runs through the house, a little pep talk on what not to do, and away you go.

    12. It's not uncommon for scare actors to lose their voice from all the screaming they have to do.


    However, they do learn to how to pace themselves over time.

    13. The worst customers who come through are those who are drunk, or annoying teenagers.

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    14. The houses often have secret hallways and false doors for the actors, which makes taking bathroom and water breaks much, much easier.


    15. The actors do laugh at people's reactions, but masks and drop doors help hide their laughter.

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    16. It's pretty rare to have a heart attack in the house — panic attacks are far more common.


    17. Oh, and it's pretty much regular for people to piss, vomit, and sometimes even shit themselves out of fear.


    This post was created with information found in various Reddit AMA threads.

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