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19 Facts You Thought Were True But Are Actually Total Bullshit

Surprise, your mum lied to you.

1. Shaving your hair doesn't actually make it grow back thicker.

2. Your hair and nails don't continue to grow when you die.

3. Dyeing your hair doesn't actually make it turn grey faster.

4. If you touch a baby bird, its mother won't disown it.

5. Daddy long leg spiders are actually venomous.

6. And touching a frog or toad doesn't give you warts.

7. If a vagina is loose, it doesn't mean they've slept with a lot of people.

8. And what you think the "vagina" is, isn't actually the vagina at all.

9. Sleeping with wet hair doesn't give you a cold.

10. The Great Wall of China can't actually be seen all that well from space.

11. Lightning can strike the same place more than once.

12. Defibrillators don't do anything to start non-beating hearts.

13. And CPR isn't meant to revive a non-beating heart either.

14. If you ask an undercover cop if they're a cop, they don't actually have to tell you they are.

15. You don't have to be rich to adopt a child.

16. If you swallow gum, you won't be stuck with it in your stomach for seven years.

17. And consuming sugar doesn't make children hyper.

18. Washing your hands with soap doesn't kill germs, it just washes some away.

19. And no, you won't get cancer because you stood too close to your microwave.

H/T Reddit