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19 Funny Tumblr Posts That'll Momentarily Make You Forget About The World

Just take a second and forget about the mess.

1. This inspiring fact:

2. This cat and his ecstatic owner:


3. This woman and her treehouse:

4. This positive truth:

5. This dog with more talent than me:

6. And this famous-ass goat:

7. This boy and his unflawed logic:

8. And this dedicated Luigi-lover:

9. This cat and his spot:

10. This reminder that there are always two ways to look at things:

11. This photogenic pup:

12. This reminder that not everything is trash:

13. And this reminder to do whatever the fuck you want:

14. Even though sometimes you probably shouldn't:

15. This unforgettable April Fools' Day:

16. And this dad and his easy amusements:

17. This man and his beautiful review:

18. This boy and his 26 seconds of fame:

19. And this proof that, in the end, it ain't all that bad: