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    The Cincinnati Zoo Has Had Enough Of People Getting Their Dicks Out For Harambe

    "We are not amused. ... Our zoo family is still healing."

    Since the demise of everyone's favourite gorilla, Harambe, the internet has banded together to make sure the world never forgets our fallen angel.

    The innocent memes about Harambe soon turned into online petitions, Facebook events, and even signs that spilled onto broadcast television.

    The final straw for the Cincinnati Zoo was the intense trolling of its Twitter account following its attempt to shift focus off of Harambe and onto its other animals.

    “We are not amused by the memes, petitions, and signs about Harambe,” the Cincinnati Zoo director told the Associated Press.

    So basically, the Cincinnati Zoo REALLY wants y'all to stop putting your dicks out for Harambe, OK?