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    This Is The Ultimate Ranking Of Aussie Chips

    This is law, but if you don't agree you can re-rank it.

    15. Thins


    Thins are everywhere but they aren't anyones favourite. (Light & Tangy Thins are pretty delicious though, lets not get it twisted.)

    14. Natural Chip Company

    @get_chip_faced / Via

    These chips are like a hybrid of Red Rock Deli and Smiths, except they're all about that natural, gluten-free, MSG-free vibe. I mean that's great and all, but they ain't no Burger Rings.

    13. French Fries


    These chips are kinda weird. They're basically little, matchstick-sized potatoes covered in salt. You're probably meant to eat them one stick at a time, but nah. You always just end up eating them by the handful in the end.

    12. Grain Waves

    @perthkidz / Via

    Ugh, healthy chips, I know, I know. But Grain Waves actually aren't that bad. They're a little hard, and a little thick, but if you get the right flavour (Sour Cream & Chives) they're pretty tasty.

    11. Smiths Crinkle Cut

    @hausmause / Via

    Just like Thins, Smiths are meh. They're on the table at every party because they're the safe option. No one jumps for them, but if they're there you won't say "no" to a cheeky handful.

    10. Kettle

    http://@global.flat.earther / Via

    Kettle chips are straight fire, and I'm not just talking about the chilli flavour. Kettle are the perfect chips to bring to a party when you want to look a little ~fancier~ than usual. Plus they taste fucking great.

    9. ZigZag Twisties

    @Drakahris95 / Via Twitter: @Drakahris95

    ZigZag Twisties are OK. They aren't as good as the original because they're a little too soft, but the shape is fun I guess.

    8. Samboy

    @gypsychronicles2016 / Via

    Samboy chips are bomb. Every time you rip open a pack, you're reminded of your childhood. The only downside of them is that it's near-impossible to find a flavour other than barbecue nowadays.

    7. Cheese & Bacon Balls

    @teebeeatkins / Via

    Cheese & Bacon Balls are on that next-level shit. They're like Cheezels but in a ball shape, which makes throwing them into people's mouths 100% more fun.

    6. Pringles

    @_tommi_ratford_ / Via

    Pringles are otherworldly. Every flavour is good and the fact they come in a can is next level. Plus you can put two in your mouth at one time to give yourself a duck beak? Amazing.

    5. CC's

    @mcstr33ty / Via Twitter: @mcstr33ty

    CC's are Australia's answer to Doritos. Eat them with salsa, eat them plain, really who can say no to a corn chip?

    4. Red Rock Deli

    @sskkz43 / Via

    These chips are basically Kettle on crack. They've got a big flavour range, however some of the flavour combos are just a little too fancy. But at the end of the day, you can't pass up a pack of Honey Soy Chicken in some buttered bread, now can you?

    3. Cheezels

    @seagreenzines / Via

    YOOOO Cheezels tho. You can slide these bad boys onto your fingers, AND they're CHEESE FLAVOURED!!!!!!! Like honestly, what more do you even need?!

    2. Burger Rings

    @amber_parker._ / Via

    Burger Rings are chips created by the heavens. OK sure, they don't really taste like burgers per se, but they're fucking great, and taste like nothing else out there in the chip scene.

    1. Twisties

    @juliendemilo / Via Twitter: @juliendemilo

    Twisties are one of the most iconic Aussie chips. Weirdly-shaped, beautifully-flavoured, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. The only real question regarding Twisties is if the cheese or chicken flavour is better.

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