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17 Sydney Bakers That Are Taking Cake Decorating To A Whole New Level

Michel's Patisserie ain't got nothing on these.

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1. Katherine Sabbath of Katherine Sabbath.

The unofficial queen of cakes, Katherine Sabbath is a high school teacher by day and a baker by night. She often runs classes for people to learn the art she has so clearly mastered.

2. Erin Leung of A Sweet Tale.

Leung's baked creations are not only beautiful, but delicious. Not afraid of something different, Leung has gone beyond classic flavour combinations. She's even bravely tried the match-up of Strawberry and Matcha.

3. Kat Marie Guerin of Cupcake Charisma.

Claiming that "fondant is so 1992," Guerin uses only the finest ingredients in her cakes, which usually involve buttercream and ganache — aka major deliciousness.

4. Nikki Lee of Unbirthday.

Another member of #TeamNoFondant, Lee and her cakes are so popular that she has a following of 100,000 on Instagram. She is also popular for creating these cool chocolate gems.

5. Linh Luu of Peach and Petals.

Luu is a freelance floral designer dabbling in the world of cake decorating. Her love for florals carries over into her baking skills where she hand-pipes her flowers.

6. Kim and Johanna of JK Cake Designs.

Kim and Johanna are the dynamic duo behind JK Cake Designs. Kim has been a chef for over 20 years and Johanna is a teacher at a cookery school. Their combined experience allows for some innovative and delicious designs.

7. Nina of Cakes by Nina.

Nina's cakes have the looks and the flavour. She pushes the boundaries with flavours like with her banana split–flavoured cake. She even based a cake on the famous doughnut milkshake.

8. Jonathan Massaad of Sugar High Desserts.

Massaad is not only gifted but he's also only 17. Yes, only 17. He kills the fudge pop game as well.

9. Dewi of Sweet Bloom Cakes.

Have you really ever seen a denim-coloured cake? Probably not. How about an all-gold cake? I doubt it, but don't worry: Dewi is providing us with the goods.

10. Clifford of Cakes by Cliff.

Clifford may be an office worker by day and a baker by night, but he's definitely a full-time artistic genius.

11. Patricia Kavvalos of Two Sweet Figs.

Patricia is a mum, wife, and baking goddess. She has mastered the use of silver and gold foil (and the art of stacking as much as you can on to the top of a cake).

12. Elisa Pietrantonio of Elisa Pie.

A full-time radio administrator and casual baker on the side, Elisa has the use of colour on lock, but she isn't scared to attack the classic chocolate flavours either.

13. Leane from Sweet Mama Cakes.

Leane is a sweet mama and a sweet baker. She's mastered the arts of ombré, dripped ganache, and stacking.

14. Nina Siljanovic of The Nutty Baker.

Imperfectly perfect cake extraordinaire, Nina demonstrates that we don't always actually need a cake that is covered wholly in frosting.

15. Dooha Naaman of Sweets By Dooha.

Naaman seriously makes us question why we stuck with the Black Forest cake all those years. Why go plain old chocolate when you can have serious colour.

16. Lynda Nguyen of Desserts with Lynda.

Nguyen's Andy Bowdy– and Katherine Sabbath–inspired cakes will have you drooling, and her use of different fruits will seriously amaze you.

17. Natalie Armstrong of Cinderella Cakes by Natalie.

Social work student and cake designer Armstrong will amaze you with her flower piping skills and her giant doughnut cakes. The fact she isn't afraid to use alcohol in her cakes? Doughnut mind if I do.