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This Guy Spends His Time Impersonating Toadie From “Neighbours” And It’s Amazing

You can never have enough 1995 Jarrod "Toadfish" Rebecchi.

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Brisbane resident Greg Peck has taken to Gumtree to advertise his impersonation services as Neighbours great, Jarrod "Toadfish" Rebecchi.

Greg Peck /

"Exclusively portraying the ‘Toadfish’ at the peak of his powers in 1995..."

While Toadie might not have been Peck's first choice, the iconic character was always in his mind.

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"Originally I was thinking about doing a Libby Kennedy impersonation but thought it would be unflattering for all involved," Peck told BuzzFeed.

Peck has been contacted a few times on Gumtree but hasn't had a solid booking or enquiry so far.

Neil Genower / REX / Shutterstock

"Obviously I have aspirations to refine the 'Toadie thing' a little further but I would also like to delve further into the cutthroat world of private investigations. I'm also looking to hook a few desperate singles up with true love, flip some cards of fate and perhaps open a swim school," he told BuzzFeed.