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    These Parents Rejected Their Gay Son On TV And People Are Furious

    "What's more important, your child or your outdated pathetic belief?"

    Last night's episode of Bride and Prejudice saw Grant's fiancé, Chris, ask his parents if they would come to his wedding.

    Channel 7

    Chris was skeptical about approaching his parents because, while they hadn't really ever discussed his sexuality, they still didn't approve.

    The heartbreaking exchange did not go well with his religious mother, Yvonne, and conservative father, Geoff, who claimed that Chris had to live with his choices.

    Channel 7
    Channel 7

    Yvonne explained that she understood that Chris would probably be disappointed and hurt, but also that if he was "honest" he would've expected it. Chris then called out Yvonne for sacrificing their relationship for her beliefs, and she explained that she was entitled to have them.

    Chris asked if his parents would at least meet Grant and they told him that the only contact they wanted with their son is with just him. He replied, "Well, just me is all of me. Not just part of me, so you can choose all of me or none of me". To which Yvonne responded, "Well, if that's the way it's gotta be, then that's the way it's gotta be."

    Chris' dad stayed fairly quiet during the whole conversation. Except at the end where he said his son had to live with his decisions, and that this wasn't the outcome he wanted to see after "doing his job" of bringing Chris to adulthood.

    Channel 7
    Channel 7

    Immediately, people all over Australia were outraged with Chris’ parents for rejecting their child so heartlessly.

    What's more important, your child or your outdated pathetic belief? #BrideAndPrejudice

    How can they tell their son they love him, then tell him they're okay to never see him again, all in the same sentence? #BrideandPrejudice

    Associating their son's choice with him being dead is a complete disrespect to those who have actually buried a child. #BrideandPrejudice

    There's a special place reserved in fictitious hell for parents who don't accept their children for who they are #BrideAndPrejudice

    These are the most ignorant people I've ever seen on my telly. They don't deserve to be parents #brideandprejudice @Channel7 #loveislove

    Channel 7

    But instead of criticising his parents, others took the chance to applaud Chris for his strength.

    If Chris is reading these tweets, I want you to know there's so much love and support out here for you. #BrideandPrejudice

    "We lost him". Nah you're the ones that are lost. Chris, go live a wonderful life. ❤🙏🏼 #BrideAndPrejudice

    #brideandprejudice let's all give Chris a huge online hug. No child should ever have to put up with pathetic parents like that #hugchris

    Wishing Chris and Grant a lifetime of happiness - Australia is behind you #loveislove #brideandprejudice

    Thankfully for Chris, and the whole of Australia, Grant’s parents accepted the two with open arms.

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    Praise be for Pam. 🙏🙏