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22 Photos That’ll Hurt Anyone Who Fucking Loves Food

WTF do you mean the sweet 'n' sour sauce isn't in the bag?!

1. Reaching into the bottom of the bag and finding that there aren't any extra fries there.

@amandalynn_96 / Via Twitter: @amandalynn_96

2. Looking in your bag at home and realising they forgot your fucking dipping sauce.

@prouty / Via Twitter: @prouty

3. Watching the contents of your burrito slip out and not being able to do anything to fix it.

@nick_johnson03 / Via Twitter: @nick_johnson03

4. Biting into a slice of pizza and having all the toppings drag off in that one mouthful.

@lmaolennox / Via Twitter: @lmaolennox

5. Not tasting anything because you burnt your mouth when you too excitedly bit into your really hot food.

@IAmElizaRuth / Via Twitter: @IAmElizaRuth

6. Or worse, rushing to get your takeaway into your house so much that you drop it everywhere.

@ColdFries / Via Twitter: @ColdFries

7. Peeping fresh fries being cooked and realising you still ended up with the shitty cold batch.

@Suthernwicked / Via Twitter: @Suthernwicked

8. Ordering tomato on your burger and it making the whole burger contents fall out after the first bite.

@CDNBeefrecipes / Via Twitter: @CDNBeefrecipes

9. Opening up the fridge to look for your leftovers, and seeing some greedy fuck ate them.

@DaKjizz / Via Twitter: @DaKjizz

10. Saving food to eat for a certain day of the week, and on that day reading that the use-by date passed.

@Monkeyslick / Via Twitter: @Monkeyslick

11. Microwaving something for ages and sitting down to realise that your food is still cold as shit.

@TheMortalGang / Via Twitter: @TheMortalGang

12. Seeing the waiter walk to you with food, and having them walk straight past to give it to the person who ordered after you.

13. Pouring yourself a bowl of cereal and opening the fridge to see you've got no fucking milk.

@alesalazar___ / Via Twitter: @alesalazar___

14. Finding out the place you like to get food from doesn't deliver to your area.

@alyssa_mihalik / @badgirlchvlle / Via Twitter: @alyssa_mihalik / Twitter: @badgirlchvlle

15. Ordering something that ends up being shit and forcing yourself to eat it because you paid for it.


SMH, what a waste of a meal.

16. Or ruining a meal because the food is so good and you're so full, but you force yourself to finish it.

@Laurennknapp / Via Twitter: @Laurennknapp

17. Cutting into what you think is the sexiest, most perfect-looking fruit only to see it's disgusting inside.

@halfpint2000 / Via

18. Getting excited for a bacon and egg breakfast only to be given third-degree burns during the fry-up.

@YoungSwanko / Via Twitter: @YoungSwanko

19. Opening your pizza box and realising that half the toppings are on the side of the box or the lid.

@DarkGuardsman / Via Twitter: @DarkGuardsman

20. Seeing chips on the menu and being served potato chips and not hot chips.

@SueEllCee / Via Twitter: @SueEllCee

21. Biting into some hot lil' pizza rolls and being met with air and never-ending sadness.

@jensenluciani23 / Via Twitter: @jensenluciani23

22. And buying a bag of chips and opening them up to see you just paid $2 for some air and crumbs.

@ruinedchildhood / Via

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