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    This Teen Made His Girlfriend A Bouquet Because He Couldn't Afford Flowers And People Can't Handle It

    He even duct-taped them. I'm not crying, you are.

    This is 18-year-old Samantha and 17-year-old Zach, a young couple from Illinois.


    The pair have been together for almost two years, and because Zach is still in school, Samantha is used to not getting too many gifts.


    "He does sweet gestures around holidays, and sometimes he does random ones here and there," Samantha told BuzzFeed. "But I don't expect much since he is a full-time student and an athlete."

    However, the other day, Zach surprised Samantha with a bunch of flowers he picked for her because he couldn't afford a store-bought bouquet.

    He said "I'm broke so I went around cutting flowers to make you a ghetto bouquet" 😂💕

    And people just couldn't handle how sweet the gesture was.

    @_sammayy__ Effort is 🔑 regardless of broke or not. Love it ♥️

    @_sammayy__ this is hella cute ! i'm rooting for y'all ✊🏼

    Zach even went the extra mile and duct-taped the flowers together, making everyone get all up in their feelings.

    He wrapped it up with duct tape. Prosper king

    @_sammayy__ @corahlee Solid 😂💯 even got duck tape

    Samantha really appreciated what Zach did – and, like many others, loved it more than anything old thing you could get from the store.


    "He picked them out for me from his yard and from a nearby field," Samantha said. "I thought it was super sweet and creative. I honestly preferred it more than anything store-bought."

    Bitch.. he only picked the prettiest flowers like he was in people's lawns like "Nah.. not this one" 😩

    @_sammayy__ My nigga got you some hydrangeas in there!! You know how much those cost?! He cut $40 off someone's bus…

    Many even suggested that Zach was ~The One~ for what he did.

    Sis that's a husband!!!!

    And that after this, Samantha wasn't allowed to break his heart. EVER.

    Break his heart and we will find you

    If you break this man heart I'm calling the police..

    But luckily for everyone, Samantha is in love with Zach and is just happy that she gets to spend her days with someone so thoughtful.


    "It's not always about what he can buy you, or how much money a man has," Samantha said. "All I truly care about is spending my time with him. He's become my best friend over time and I'm super happy I have him to spend my days with." 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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