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    19 Things Women In Relationships Will Never Understand

    I'm my own trap queen. Say hey, wassup, hello, to my damn self.

    1. Your family always question your relationship status.

    2. And sometimes you question it too.

    3. So you can have your moments of weakness, but correct them real quick.

    4. Because you know you can whip it alone.

    5. Even though some things can be a little hard to do by your self.

    6. Like when you have no one to help you deal with unexpected guests.

    7. Or for those times when you struggle with every day tasks.

    8. So you try dating apps to see if you might actually need a man.

    9. But then quickly remember that you don't have time to be controlled.

    10. Or played around with.

    11. So you become next-level picky.

    12. And avoid meeting up with every boy you thought you might like.

    13. Even though it can get lonely on certain holidays.

    14. And you tend to get a little bitter.

    15. You know you can handle yourself.

    16. And so you decide to treat yourself right.

    17. Which can get kind of tricky when it comes to treating yourself alone in public.

    18. But it's OK because you being able to sleep easy at night makes it more than worth it.

    19. And because you know there's really only one man you're ever going to chase after in life.