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    27 Adult Things You Never Dreamed You'd Be Excited About

    Cancelled plans > Real plans.

    Reddit user Kyless asked people to share things they now find exciting as an adult but never did as a kid.

    1. The sight of a full tank of petrol.

    2. The feeling of a plan-less weekend.

    3. And the feeling of having plans be cancelled.

    4. Or the feeling of actually following through with plans… for the alcohol.

    5. The concept of love.

    6. And the activities related to love.

    7. The feeling of being clean…

    8. … and the feeling of cleaning itself.

    9. The satisfaction of a quick energising nap.

    10. And the extra satisfaction of a full eight-hour sleep.

    11. The concept of pain.

    12. The concept of financial planning.

    13. The feeling towards watching educational movies.

    14. The understanding of the need for proper character development.

    15. The notion of having to go shopping.

    16. The idea of where is good to go shopping.

    17. The feeling of being gifted clothes…

    18. ...specifically in being gifted socks.

    19. The idea of living at home.

    20. The taste of coffee.

    21. The sight of coupons and sales.

    22. The sight of a homeware store.

    23. The feeling of actually enjoying cooking.

    24. And also enjoying when you don't have to.

    25. The sight of healthy food...

    26. … specifically salads.

    27. And finally overcoming our childhood fears.