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    19 Memes You'll Feel In Your Soul If You're Just A Lil' Self-Obsessed

    Everyone: You love yourself too much. Me: yOu LuV UrSeLf ToO mUcHh.

    1. First things first, you're literally your own biggest fan.

    2. And your confidence is truly out of this world.

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    3. But sometimes you have your moments of self-doubt.

    4. And you often go through a rollercoaster of emotions during those times.

    5. But it doesn't ever really stop you from doing the shit you always do.

    6. And it DEFINITELY doesn't mean other people can join in on your moments of weakness.

    7. Because even though you front that you can take anything, you're still a lil' sensitive.

    8. Most of the time, you're really confident.

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    9. But it's really thrown off by just how goddamn dramatic you are.

    10. And by the fact that you crave attention 110% of the time.

    @daddyissues_ / Via

    11. You want everyone to be just as obsessed with you as you are with yourself.

    @daddyissues_ / Via

    12. So you annoy some people until they show you the attention you deserve.

    13. But at the same time, you don't put any extra effort in to make it happen with other people.

    14. Which means a lot of the time, you're never actually on time.

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    15. Because, well, you pretty much think your time is more important than everyone else's.

    16. So you craft plans in your mind because you want more of that sweet, sweet me-time.

    17. When you do finally get called out for your shit, your dramatic side really soars.

    18. So you take drastic measures to make life easier for yourself.

    19. Yet, despite being aware of all your self-obsessed ways, you never change because you don't ever listen to your own damn self.

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