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25 Things People Thought Were Cool As Teens But Not Today

Teens take note, Reddit is here to guide you.

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Reddit user, hgdusnjjv883, asked people to share the things that they were thought were awesome as teens, but now as adults think are totally crazy.

These were the responses that they received.

These were the responses that they received.

1. When you thought having $100 meant you were rich - zfancy5

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Now $100 MIGHT get you through Monday and Tuesday.

2. When you let the music you listened to define what you wore - uncle_monty


Now you listen to whatever you want without needing to change your "look".

3. When you let your goth side really come out in your ~experimental~ stages - jaded_anna420

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Now you wouldn't dare rock the fingerless gloves or that side fringe.

4. And when you let it take over your life, meaning heavy black clothes in the summer - jasonlotion


Now you probably still wear all black, but your fabric choices are a little different.

5. When you thought blue eyeshadow and body glitter were the epitome of fashion - HeyMissW

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Now you're all about neutrals and the only glitter you use is in your highlighter.

6. When you thought velcro and chain wallets were the hottest things to own - ereldar

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Now you own an adult wallet that most likely has zips.

7. When you always tried to make sure that your clothes were branded with big names - Mojo_666

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Now you know the value of money, you prioritise your spending.

8. When you would see who could drink the most alcohol with your friends - ivysaurarm

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Now you know it's definitely not a competition.

9. And when you would get blackout drunk and pass out as a result - Randomswedishdude


Now you try to avoid it at all costs because you know it will lead to a nasty hangover.

10. When you thought driving recklessly was a tolerable thing - linuxphoney

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Now you see the stupidity in it, and the cost of insurance.

11. Like when you got distracted while driving with your really loud subwoofers - thee_tickler


Now you realise how badly it can distract you.

12. When you listened to deafeningly loud music at home too - jliv60


Now you only listen to deafeningly loud music sometimes.

13. When you were really loud and obnoxious as a person - use_a_choosername1

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Now you encounter those types of people and you regret ever being that way.

14. Or when you would destroy things just for the sake of it - tallandlanky

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Now you know how expensive things can actually be.

15. When you acted as if only your ~enlightened~ opinion mattered and nothing else - something_sneaky


Now you hate it when people act as if their opinion is superior.

16. When you tried to act "cool" in front of everyone - piss_artist


Now you know just how tiring keeping up appearances can be.

17. When you thought smoking was what all the cool kids did - CaneUKRM

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Now you see it was never cool, and you also know what lung cancer is.

18. When you thought ditching class was cool - UtMed

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Now you wish you were there for that 8th grade maths class about interest.

19. When you would waste all your time hanging at the mall - huazzy

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Now you're in and out to get what you need, because time is precious.

20. When you made it your life goal to stand out by not being you - IxCptMorganxI


Now you like being you.

21. Which you probably did when you spent hours editing your "about me" on social media - richj43

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Now your Tinder bio is just your display picture and age.

22. When you would stay up as late as possible - tonithepony

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Now all you want to do is be in bed by 10.p.m.

23. Which would result in sleeping all day - glendon24

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Now you have real world responsibilities that won't allow you to. Like a job.

24. When you couldn't wait to grow older and stop being a "kid" - drunk-astronaut


Now you know what working, and bills, and responsibilities, and real life is.

25. When you thought being an adult would be the greatest thing in the world - plerplerp


Now you wish you could be a kid again.