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23 Things That'll Make You Say "I Thought I Was The Only One"

Don't even try to lie to me.

1. Used literally anything as a blanket because you've been too lazy to get up and actually get one.

2. And turned your fan on just so you could sleep all wrapped up in your blankets.

3. Fished a box out of the rubbish bin because you forgot what the cooking instructions said.

4. And forced yourself to carry all the groceries in one trip, because you refuse to go back and forth.

5. Cleaned your room or car and ashamedly thrown out countless half-full water bottles.

6. And had to read the backs of random cleaning products while on the toilet because you forgot to bring your phone with you.

7. Dropped a bunch of ice on the floor and kicked it under the fridge instead of just picking it up.

8. And ate the wrapping on a lolly because trying to peel the wrapper off took too damn long.

9. Pretended to get a change of plans text after realising you were walking the wrong way the entire time.

10. Used your hands to draw on your couch or carpet because you were next-level bored.

11. And made different patterns in the gross, dirty smudges all over your phone screen.

12. Left a knife by the sink because you didn't know whether you wanted to make another sandwich or not.

13. And looked in the fridge, realised there's nothing, but went back five minutes later to do the exact same thing.

14. Confidently torn off a piece of skin near your nail and having it go much further than you ever thought it would.

15. And tried to deal with sunburn by attempting to peel your skin off in one big piece.

16. Recited the entire alphabet to find out which letter comes before the other.

17. And lied about the date on your assignment to make it look like you didn't do it the night before it was due.

18. Deleted your entire password when you typed one letter wrong, instead of just editing it.

19. Turned down you car stereo so you could better focus on finding an address.

20. And set alarms for every five minutes instead of just getting up after one.

21. Put your hands down your underwear in a completely non-sexual way while chilling.

22. Ran to the microwave to turn it off before it reached zero and started beeping.

23. And pretended to think about purchasing something after asking the price, even though you know damn well you can't afford it.