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How To Do A Hard Reset On Your Life In 2018

I'm no expert but I don't think next year can be any worse than 2017.

Hello, everyone. I'm Michelle and I think we can all agree that 2017 was a shitshow.


My life was also...not good this year, so I wrote a list of tips on how we can all actively try to make our 2018 better.

1. Cut toxic people from your life.

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It might be clichéd to say, but it's so empowering to do. If people aren't adding value to your life, whether it be friendships or relationships, don't be afraid to put you first and cut ties with them.

2. And learn how to accept defeat when you need to, and know when to move on.


You know how the saying goes: You should fight for what you want. But sometimes you need to know when things aren't worth the fight any more. There's no shame in accepting defeat and moving on with your life. In fact, you're better off leaving behind people, things, and places that aren't right for you. Trust me.

3. Declutter everything digitally.


You look at your phone and laptop every day, so they should be just as clean as your working and living spaces. Do a total digital clean-out: Remove apps you no longer use, delete photos you don't need, clear your old laptop downloads, and change your backgrounds for a fresh look in time for the new year.

4. And bring your inbox to zero before the year starts.

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Seeing an ever-growing number on anything can be stressful, but especially on your emails. The longer you leave your increasing unread emails untouched, the less likely you are to ever do anything about it. So start the year right to keep your inbox manageable throughout the year.

5. Put your health first, both mental and physical.

Me: Who needs antidepressants? I'll just listen to Hey Ya by Outkast daily Narrator: But things were not alright alright alright alright

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"Getting healthy" for your New Year's resolution shouldn't just be focused on your physical health. Sure, running on a treadmill is great but it won't do much for your mind if you're tired and stressed. Try meditation, breathing exercises, or even talking to a professional if you feel you need it.

6. And ask for help when you need it.


It's not shameful to ask for assistance when it's needed, both in your work and personal life. It's not weak to ask for help, and you should get into the habit of reaching out to others when you can't do, or handle, something yourself.

7. Do a major closet clean-out.


Just get rid of everything you don't need or don't use. Stop holding on to clothes you've not worn in the last six months or that you'll "fit into one day", and declutter your life. You'll have more space and feel a lot less guilty when you do buy something new!

8. And do a deep clean of everything, like your house, your car, and your work desk.


We often put up with mess with the mindset of "I'll clean it when I have time". But the thing is, you'll never really have the time for it if you don't make time for it. If you do a major clean at the start of the year, it's so much easier to maintain for the rest of the year.

9. Write a list of goals by year, month, and week.


Yeah, New Year's resolutions are well and good, but it's rare that you actually stick to them past the first six weeks of the year. Try thinking about what you want to achieve with attainable yearly, monthly, and weekly goals. This'll make them easier to stick to and actually do through the year!

10. Challenge yourself by finding a new hobby or committing to learning something new.


If you have bad habits you want to change, it might be time to find a new hobby to fill your time. Replace five hours of Netflix time a week with gardening, or even learning a new language. By the year's end, you'll feel accomplished that you stuck to something and gained a new skill.

11. Put a focus on a good night's sleep.


A solid eight-hour sleep is so good for you. You wake up feeling energised and recovered, and, in turn, more productive. Make it a goal in 2018 to get eight hours every night. Sure, it won't always happen, but just planning your days around a solid sleep will ensure you'll get it way more than you did in 2017.

12. Get in the habit of making your bed.


It's simple, sure, but it works. During the times where your life is a bit of a mess, you can't underestimate the power of a freshly made bed to collapse into after a long day. The habit of making your bed can also be a pretty therapeutic part of your morning routine too!

13. Change your perspective.

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Perspective really is key to your happiness. In 2018, try to change your thinking, and stop comparing what you have and what you're doing to others. Or, if you're stuck in a "now" mindset, try to look at the bigger picture.

14. Don't say yes to things you don't really want to do.

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Something I learned late this year was that you don't owe anyone anything. You're not obligated to do anything, and you definitely shouldn't feel guilty for taking time for you. If you're not in the mood to do something, or if you're too tired and would prefer sleep, you should feel confident in saying no when you feel you need to in 2018.

15. Review your finances, set goals, and create a savings plan.


Boring, I know, but it really is good to do. Even if your goal is something small like a weekend getaway, analysing your spending habits and finding where you have more room to save will make rewarding yourself easier. It might be as simple as eating out one less day a week for a few months to afford those shoes you've always wanted.

16. Actively try to do something nice for someone every day.

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Think about how good you feel when someone randomly compliments you when you're feeling shitty. It really doesn't have to be anything big, but being nicer to people will not only make their day, but it'll make you feel better about yourself too!

17. Buy yourself a plant.


Hang on, hear me out. It sounds silly, I know, but buying something that you need to take care of will teach you responsibility and give you a routine. The five minutes out of your day that it'll take to water your plant will give you five minutes to yourself, and you don't realise how valuable five minutes of unplugged alone time can be.

18. And leave any and all bad vibes in 2017 where they belong.

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Sure, 2017 had some shitty moments but what exactly are you going to gain by dragging drama from the past into the new year? Start fresh and leave all the negativity in 2017 where it belongs.

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