The New "Ladies, Imagine This" Meme Will Make All Women Piss Themselves Laughing

    What does your #best #life look like?

    Like all good memes, it started with a tweet. A few days ago, Twitter user Mallori Taylor tweeted out the hopes she has for herself in 15 years.

    Not too soon after, someone else pointed out that it was strange how quick people are to idolise futures where they're doing the bare minimum.

    And as expected, everyone else on Twitter caught wind of it. So people decided to run with the same format to share their own dream futures.

    Some took inspiration from their favourite films.

    LADIES imagine this, its 15 years from now. your son is up to bat. your daughter is cheering him on in the stands. your husband is nowhere to be found, you start to worry he’ll miss the game. suddenly, a tiny red convertible pulls up on the field. its your husband, Stuart Little

    LADIES imagine this, it’s 15 years from now - you have three kids named Fergus, Farkle, and Felicia, your wife is a beautiful green princess, and you’re little donkey cheers you on from the comfort of your swamp. You’re Shrek.

    LADIES imagine this, It’s 20 years from now. Your daughter is about to get married. You don’t have a husband but three men that might be her father show up on your Greek island. It’s chaos. Pierce Brosnan is singing. It’s Mamma Mia

    And from iconic tracks, of course.

    Ladies imagine this, five years from now the skater boi who you said see you later boi is now rocking on MTV. You call up your friends, they already know, they have tickets to see his show. You tag along and stand in the crowd, looking up at the man you turned down.

    Ladies imagine this, 15 years from now I’m coming out of my cage and I've been doing just fine gotta gotta be down because i want it all it started out with a kiss how did it end up like this it was only a kiss, it was only a kiss

    Others decided to keep it traditional and poked fun at the original tweet.

    LADIES, imagine: it's 15 yrs from now. your husband chad still has a mild coke addiction from his pike days and your kids thermos and keightlynn both got held back for being illiterate. keightlynn called you a bitch last night bc you wouldn't buy her the new iphone. life is good.

    LADIES imagine this, its 15 years from now. youre at your sons baseball game. he just took a line drive to the head, he died. im so so sorry

    LADIES imagine this, its 15 years from now. your son gets cross checked but it doesn’t get called. the team he’s playing scores a goal. ur husband gets so mad he goes up to the glass and starts yelling. he bangs on the glass and it comes off. another parent goes “way to go Paul”

    But the best ones? Well, they were the ones that you could envision actually happening.

    Ladies, imagine this. It’s 15 years from now, and you have no kids. You’re the cool wine aunt that occasionally comes back to the country for a brief visit before leaving for another long, exotic vacation. You have no commitments, and a suspicious amount of money.

    LADIES imagine this, It’s 15 years from now. You’re not at a shitty baseball game, you’re in hawaii for the weekend. With your wife. You’re a lesbian. You can’t have kids, so they can’t hold you back. All your straight friends are stuck at kids sporting events. You’re laughing.

    Well... maybe not all of them.

    LADIES! Imagine this. 15 Year’s from now. You’re lying in a field of ur very own grown marijuana. The sun is shining, you’re smoking a blunt while ur significant other is sucking on your titty. U order Chinese. Ur cream cheese wontons have just arrived. Ur living the dream.