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21 Karl Stefanovic Tweets That Sum Up What It's Like To Be Australian

Nothing screams Australia like Karl Stefanovic.

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Karl Stefanovic is a host on the Today, a morning show in Australia, and he's a god damn national treasure.

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And his Twitter is full of gems that sum up what it's like to be Australian.

1. Like when he summed up our national celebrations.

2. Or when he accurately summed up how we celebrate international celebrations.

Via Twitter: @karlstefanovic


3. When he demonstrated our "no worries" attitude towards life.

4. Or when he showed how easily we find similarities in life.

Philippe Lopez / Getty Images / Twitter / Via Twitter: @karlstefanovic

5. When he showed how unfazed Aussies are on every level.

6. When he had this very chilled, Aussie reaction to sports.

7. Like how Aussies ~really~ react to sport.

Clive Brunskill / Getty Images / Twitter / Via Twitter: @karlstefanovic

8. Unless it's when we're talking about footy rivalries.

9. When he spoke nothing but truth.

10. Like the thoughts we have when shopping.

Andrew Burton / Getty Images / Twitter / Via Twitter: @karlstefanovic

11. Or when talking about politics.

12. Or even the thoughts you have when you're rushing to go somewhere.

13. When he showed that Aussies know how to be comfortable with our sexuality...

14. ... really comfortable.

15. But not so much with our feelings.

16. When he questioned some Australian's ~fashion~ choices.

Joseph Johnson / Getty Images / Twitter / Via Twitter: @karlstefanovic

17. Even though he brought into question his own.

18. When he summarised how sad losing your roots can be.

19. Or on how sad bad weather can make us.

20. When he showed just how well Aussies take insults.

21. And when he showed how well Aussies know themselves.

... not very.
Via Twitter: @karlstefanovic

... not very.