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People Are Really Confused By Kim Kardashian's New Insta Aesthetic

Why it look like she just chillin' at my grandma's house in the '70s?

A week ago the gods above decided to bless us with the social media return of Kim Kardashian.

Don't get me wrong, people are really excited that Kimmy K is back sharing online, and are especially thrilled by her new focus on family photos.

But everyone can't help but notice that the place where Kim's been taking her photos is... a little... odd*.

@kimkardashian / Via

*AKA not the million dollar mansion they're used to.

Kim K's new vintage-like aesthetic is confusing fans who are honestly just trying to figure out where the fuck she is.

Some people think she needs to chill on the "poor aesthetic" vibe because let's face it she's far from that.

@KimKardashian "Lets looks poor for aesthetics"

@KimKardashian babe you're loaded get a new sofa

Serious question, why is Kim Kardashian frolicking around taking photos in an old house on some old furniture she'd never B caught dead in?

And others are just wondering whose grandma's house Kim has decided to set up shop in.

am I the only one wondering where Kim Kardashian is in her photos after her social media break? She looks like she's at my grandmas house.

Why are all Kim K's pictures in the rec room at somebody's grandma's house in 1977 all of a sudden? #replytweet #kardashian #KimKardashian

For real tho ..who aunty or grandma house is @KimKardashian keep taking photos in..

But look, at least Kanye might be able to get ~something~ out of their new living quarters.

@KimKardashian Could totally be an album cover.

Seriously though, Kim where are you?!


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