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18 Struggles Every Australian Has Faced In Winter

Guys, it's socks and thongs season.

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1. You rug up in the freezing mornings but end up drenched in sweat thanks to the mid-arvo temperature changes.

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2. And all those layers are your worst enemy when you get on the train and realise the heating is set to "Satan's ass".

3. For some reason, no one is ever truly prepared for winter despite knowing it's coming every single year.

4. You have to deal with people constantly telling you it's not cold when you know damn well it is.


5. Because, really, anything under 15ºC is the same as below-freezing to you.

6. No matter how many doonas you've got, you're still freezing in the middle of the night.

7. When you head to Kmart to try and fix all your chilly-ass problems, the heaters are always sold out.

8. And when you do manage to grab one, all gatherings from that point on are held around the sweet, heat machine.

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9. You're forced to slip on some socks every time you want to wear thongs.

10. And because of it, your white socks get so damn dirty.

11. Plus your other shoes are always getting wet or muddy from all the unexpected torrential rain.

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12. And every pair of dirty, old Uggs across the country come out to play once the word "winter" is muttered.

13. You have to make a decision between fashion and warmth when you decide to go clubbing.

14. And the unpredictable weather means the Uber surges are always fucking ridiculous.

15. Your Snapchat is constantly full of the temperature filter whenever it gets under 10ºC.


16. And most Aussies don't even get the payoff of snow as a reward for all the cold weather.

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17. You're always running out of paw paw ointment because your lips are never not chapped.

18. And worst of all, it's so much harder to enjoy a cold one with the boys when you can't feel your fucking hands.