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Everyone Is Heartbroken Over This Sad Pit Bull After People Refused To Pet Him


This is Dublin the Gotti pit bull and his owner, William, from Massachusetts.

@sinamonnroII / Via Twitter: @sinamonnroII

Over Halloween, William tweeted about Dublin getting sad because no trick-or-treaters went to pat him as his mum gave out candy.

My dogs been greeting trick or treaters all night and they are scared to pet him and he's so sad

"I called my mom while I was at college and she told me she was passing out candy and that sadly the kids weren't petting my dog because they were scared," William told BuzzFeed. "She said he kept crying and that instantly made me so sad."

To make matters worse, William posted two more tweets showing pictures of Dublin before and after the whole Halloween debacle.

People were seriously heartbroken over the sheer thought of Dublin being sad and without the pats he deserves.


But all ended well, as William's aunt made the children pat Dublin in order to get some Halloween candy.

Just to update you guys I FaceTimed my dog and kids pet him cause my aunt told kids they had to to get candy

"Later on in the night I FaceTimed my mom and she said that people pet him because my aunt said you had to pet him to get candy," William said. "He got lots of pats by the end of the night, and was a happy camper."

William didn't expect his tweet to go off the way it did, but is very happy to see the amount of support for pit bulls.

@sinamonnroII / Via Twitter: @sinamonnroII

"They are great, loving dogs, and the stigma around them being violent needs to end," he said. "They will act as you raise them, just like any other breed. Seeing support around ending that stigma makes me so happy."

And as for Dublin, he's doing great and is getting all the hugs and pats he needs.

@sinamonnroII / Via Twitter: @sinamonnroII

"He's the sweetest thing. He loves everyone and everything, and always wants to play and give kisses."


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