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    21 Memes That Will Speak To You If Your Mum Is Extra AF

    A broken arm? You still got a good one, so you still going to school tomorrow.

    1. She forgets that you learnt your driving skills from her.

    2. And she always declines your help but then complains about it.

    3. She doesn't really have a sense of time...

    4. ...or a grasp on numbers and math.

    5. And she definitely doesn't get that little thing called privacy.

    6. She knows how to flip the switch instantaneously.

    7. And is an absolute pro at the "we'll talk about this later" look.

    8. She understands the importance of thriftiness.

    9. She doesn't play any fucking games.

    10. And has absolutely no time for any of your shit.

    11. Like honestly, she doesn't have any time for your shitty excuses.

    12. She cares for you, sometimes in strange ways.

    13. Plus she can sometimes be a little too supportive.

    14. She's an avid fan of a cheeky white lie.

    15. And some bigger, more heartbreaking ones too.

    16. She always cares about your whereabouts.

    17. And can sometimes be a little overprotective.

    18. She turns literally everything into a life lesson.

    19. And is never, ever wrong.

    20. More often than not, you're the cause for most issues.

    21. And if you're not, it's 100% because of that god damn phone.