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21 Memes That Will Speak To You If Your Mum Is Extra AF

A broken arm? You still got a good one, so you still going to school tomorrow.

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1. She forgets that you learnt your driving skills from her.

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2. And she always declines your help but then complains about it.

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3. She doesn't really have a sense of time...

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4. ...or a grasp on numbers and math.

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5. And she definitely doesn't get that little thing called privacy.

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6. She knows how to flip the switch instantaneously.

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7. And is an absolute pro at the "we'll talk about this later" look.

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8. She understands the importance of thriftiness.

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9. She doesn't play any fucking games.

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10. And has absolutely no time for any of your shit.

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11. Like honestly, she doesn't have any time for your shitty excuses.

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12. She cares for you, sometimes in strange ways.

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13. Plus she can sometimes be a little too supportive.

Mum please, we're in public.
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Mum please, we're in public.

14. She's an avid fan of a cheeky white lie.

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15. And some bigger, more heartbreaking ones too.

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16. She always cares about your whereabouts.

Twitter: @scorpixns / Via Twitter: @scorpixns

17. And can sometimes be a little overprotective.

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18. She turns literally everything into a life lesson.

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19. And is never, ever wrong.

Ever. Don't even try.
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Ever. Don't even try.

20. More often than not, you're the cause for most issues.

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21. And if you're not, it's 100% because of that god damn phone.

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